Our quality film scans will enable you to take advantage of the many products and services available with digital imaging. We offer many options for the pro photographer.

All film is scanned on our Durst Sigma Plus film scanner. All film scans are scanned in the Adobe RGB 1998 color space at 300 PPI, JPG format. We will scan at tiff format and whatever resolution you desire on request. Normal scans are 2400x3600 ppi or 8-10 MB for 35mm film. Available Options: full roll scans, cut negative scans, high resolution scans, glass plates.

All B&W film is scanned and printed on RA4 digital photo paper. You can choose Luster, Matte, or Glossy surface. Digital paper is closely calibrated on our Durst and Noritsu printers and give an excellent B&W tonal rendition.

Full roll negative scans are returned on a CD. We can return the film as a sleeved roll or as sleeved cut negative strips. Negative scans can be uploaded to a password protected site for your viewing. We will keep your image scans on file for 90 days.

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